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Caring Professionals Working with You to Achieve Your Goals

At Resolutions Counseling and Behavioral Health Services, we believe in the capacity for each person, couple or family to grow and achieve their individual or collective goals. We are dedicated to providing quality services with a staff of well trained and licensed professionals. Our therapists use a collaborative approach to provide support to our clients as they face the challenges which have often been overwhelming and daunting. We believe that each client is the expert and our goal is to help our clients learn to develop their own solutions in their own time.

We value

-The relationship between the client and the therapist

-The potential for growth and change

-The belief that goals are attainable

-The capacity for each person to overcome obstacles

Our practice was created to address needs that are often avoided or ignored. We offer our services in a safe and confidential manner. We strive to eliminate the stigma associated with caring for our psychological health and well being. Struggles with mental health can affect our functioning at work, in our personal lives and relationships, and with our families. Effective counseling and therapy can help our clients lead happy, productive, and fulfilled lives.




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In case of emergency call 911 

Allegheny County RESOLVE Crisis Network: 888-796-8226  Washington County Crisis Line: 877-225-3567

Reasons for Treatment

At Resolutions Counseling and Behavioral Health Services, our therapists have received extensive training and are able to assist our clients with a variety of problems. Below are just a few of the many challenges we can help you and your loved ones overcome. 


Depression is one of the most common mental health challenges individuals face world wide. A person struggling with depression may be withdrawn, irritable and lose interest in activities that were previously pleasurable. Depression may be confused with sadness or grief, but it is longer lasting and more severe. Although depression can be debilitating, therapy has been shown an effective treatment modality.

Family problems

Families today have many struggle from balancing activities to living in multigenerational homes. When family conflict arises, the family may be unequipped or prepared to effectively resolve the issues. The resulting problems can create familial rifts and years of conflict if left unaddressed. 


Anxiety is a common experience for people of all ages. Anxiety can range from small concerns to paralyzing fear. Anxiety may be brought about as a response to a troubling experience, concern for an upcoming event, or reasons unknown. Despite the various causes, therapy can help clients manage their anxieties. When anxiety is at a tolerable level, clients can maintain productive, fulfilled, and happy lives.

Relationship struggles

Maintaining relationships can be a challenging endeavor for some. Significant struggles can occur due to issues of lack of effective communication, finances, infidelity, fertility problems, parenting styles, and initiating an amicable separation. Relationship problems can be emotionally devastating and lead to a lack of trust and a reluctance to engage in relationships in the future. 


Substance use and addiction have been growing problems in the United States. The rate of opioid addiction has grown with the availability of prescription pain medications and heroin. Addiction frequently is a significant factor in family discord, job loss, health concerns, legal difficulties, and housing problems. Substance use is frequently present in clients who are experiencing other mental health challenges.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are inevitabilities as we grow older. Death, divorce, relocation, and other expected or unexpected transitions can lead to intense emotional or cognitive reactions that may make it difficult for some to continue with their daily activities and routines. Intense sadness, anger, or anxiety may often be present and a person's normal strategies for coping and support system may be ineffective.


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Viktor E. Frankl