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Types of Therapy

At Resolutions Counseling and Behavioral Health Services, we offer a variety of options to assist with your path to health, wellness and recovery. The treatment offered is individualized for each client or family. We recognize the intrinsic differences in each person we support and work with each person to develop tailored goals and interventions. Our creative approaches often include a combination of therapeutic interventions to address the challenges that can occur in multiple domains of a person's life.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one of the most common forms of therapy in mental health care. It is the process by which individual clients will work one-on-one with a therapist trained to assist the client with solving challenging life problems, gaining greater awareness, and achieving the client's goals. Individual therapy is designed to facilitate a collaborative relationship where the therapist is able to assist the client in identifying hidden challenges, clarifying goals, gaining a better understanding of impact of the client's thoughts and actions, and developing more effective coping strategies.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective therapeutic approach for clients who may have similar experiences or prefer a more diverse therapeutic setting. Group therapy has been shown to be an effective strategy for a variety of mental health diagnoses and diverse cultural groups. Depression, specific men's and women's issues, and grief and loss are just a few examples of traditional group therapy topics.While not all clients are interested or appropriate for group therapy, those participating are able to discuss their life challenges, share ideas, encourage others, and get feedback from other participants.

Couples and Marriage Therapy

Often referred as "couples counseling," this intervention can be used to address the specific conflicts and challenges faced by couples. The challenges may be a result of ineffective communication, life stressors, or even managing a divorce. The goals of couples counseling frequently involve identifying ways to strengthen the relationship or resolve ongoing conflicts. Clients are typically seen as a couple and may also have individual therapy sessions to address individual needs and areas for growth. Couples therapy tends to be a brief intervention and may be problem specific.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to assist a family system achieve improved functioning, communication, and wellness. Conflicts that arise within families can be polarizing for family members. This situation is often made worse by ineffective coping strategies or communication skills and frequently by the presence of one or more family members with mental health challenges. This intervention may include part or all of the family members depending on the family makeup and those willing to take part. The goal is improved family functioning and greater ability to manage family stressors.

Services for Therapists and Clinicians

Clinical Supervision

Resolutions Counseling and Behavioral Health Services also provides services and support for clinicians and clinicians in training. We offer clinical supervision for licensed professionals as well as those seeking supervised clinical hours for licensure.